Frictionless data capture & customer engagement for brick and mortar stores

In order to improve your marketing strategies and better serve your customers, you need to know them. The problem is that the great majority of in-store customers remain anonymous and it is difficult to map out their customer journeys or discover their preferences.

refive creates a simple digital touchpoint in the physical store that enables frictionless data capture and customer engagement. Discover what customers need, understand their behaviour and respond with personalised interactions across channels to strengthen the customer-brand relationship, boost loyalty and retention.

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The easiest way to collect and activate in-store customer data

paperless receipts access via QR code by refive

Data capture for every customer

refive enables frictionless data capture for both customers and store staff – eliminating the requirement to download an app, use a specific payment method or share personal data. Customers can scan a QR code to access their digital receipts or learn about store promotions. You can additionally incentivise customers to share contact data or provide feedback on their experience.

Customer insights and AI analytics

Make use of AI-powered actionable insights with refive’s Customer Insights dashboard. Build rich customer profiles, discover opportunities to maximise customer value and understand churn risk and its drivers. New behavioural insights enable you to personalise offers, to better target and retain customers.

in-store customer insights with refive

Engage digitally with your in-store customers

Use refive’s smart digital receipt to interact in new and powerful ways with your customers at the point of sale and post-purchase.

Increase customer retention

Identify new and repeat customers and give them a reason to come back after every purchase. Turn occasional shoppers into regulars and regulars into your biggest fans.

Understand and optimise the offline impact of your online campaigns

Growing digital ad spends, tricky offline attribution and dwindling return on ad spend? Your online ads are driving store revenues too, it’s time for you to claim them!

How leading retailers use refive electronic receipts

special offer visible on refive e receipts
customer journey insights achieved with refive electronic receipts
example of e receipt

Simon Kronseder


“With the refive e receipts integration, we are able to truly connect our customers offline to online journey and get a clear picture of their behaviour across all channels. This enabled us to not only measure the offline impact of our online campaigns, but also the marketing ROI customer lifetime value, and customer retention more clearly.”

Get to know & delight your customers

Generate e-commerce level insights into in-store customer behaviour, increase engagement and customer retention via smart digital receipts

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