New Year, New Look – Leaf becomes refive

2021 was a challenging year, but in the midst of uncertainty we also saw signs of growth and revival. The one constant through these phases have been trustful, loyal and respectful relationships, for us with you, our partners, and for you with your daily customers.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve consistently worked towards providing you not just a solution for digitising your receipts, but a platform to build better and maintain relationships with your customers. Along the way, we outgrew the name “Leaf”. While sustainability and digitization remain core to what we do, our new brand “refive” reflects our mission to help revive and strengthen the brick and mortar retail and gastronomy sectors.

Why refive? Because going forward we want to help you to:

  • Recognize – who your customers are, understand their needs, and figure out how to best serve them
  • Reward – your customers for their loyalty and trust in your brand, products and services
  • Retain – the most valuable customers and keep them coming back
  • Re-Engage – the ones you might have lost touch with and do all of this via…
  • Receipts – the smart digital and sustainable alternative that you already know and love

Our new brand reflects these values and goals, the bird in our logo is a swallow, a loyal creature that always returns home. Just like we want your customers to do.

In practical terms, you can expect the following changes:

…and that’s it! Nothing else changes and our service and our commitment to supporting you consistently will continue to remain our top priority.

Thank you for your trust and we wish you warm and happy holidays with your loved ones and a wonderful start into 2022!

Your refive Team

P.s. We hope you like the new brand and look forward to any feedback you might have!

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