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Get more newsletter signups with the digital receipt

Enable customers to join your email or messaging app newsletter with just one click by incorporating newsletter signups into your checkout. Build incentives into the opt-in and watch your marketing list grow.

How it works

One-click marketing opt-in

With the smart digital receipt from refive your customers have a quick and direct way to opt in to your emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages. All they need to sign up is one click!


Grow your direct marketing audience

Engage with customers even after they have left the store

Collect contact information and marketing opt-ins to continue the conversation with your customers, giving them a reason to choose your brand again.

Improve customer retention via email and other newsletters

Email, SMS and messaging app newsletters are among the most effective digital marketing channels with high open, interaction and conversion rates. 

Why refive?

Start collecting marketing opt-ins with refive

Frictionless process

Customers directly enter their email or phone number on the smart receipt. Freeing up your cashiers from additional admin, strengthen customer relationships and grow your business!

Incentivised opt-ins

Easily incentivise your customers’ opt-in by setting up a reward or voucher with just a few clicks. Offer dynamic incentives based on how valuable the customer is to your business.


Connect the signups to your tools of choice – we support a wide range of email marketing and CRM tools!

Built in

Jumpstart your business with our integrated email marketing tool and send powerful, personalised offers to your customers.


Collecting marketing opt-ins via the digital receipt is highly effective. On average, 28% of customers that open a refive receipt sign up for the newsletter.

Get to know & delight your customers

Generate e-commerce level insights into in-store customer behaviour, increase engagement and customer retention via smart digital receipts