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Convert great experiences into valuable reviews

Thousands of happy customers but only 50 online reviews? Let’s change that! With refive, you can turn every transaction into a positive review to get your stores up in the search results. The best part? You don’t even have to ask!

get more online reviews

How it works

Reviews made simple

When the customer loads the digital receipt in their browser, they see an option to rate their experience.

Suppose they are happy and leave 4 or 5 stars. In that case, refive will automatically offer them to also leave a review on Google Maps or Tripadvisor, whichever is relevant for your business.

people check a company’s reviews before committing to a purchase

businesses with above average reviews generate 81% more in annual revenue

reviews determine 19% of your business’s chance of ranking in Google Maps


Grow your business with more online reviews

Whether it’s a cup of coffee or a designer gown, customers today only enter stores after checking their reviews. 

Rank higher

More positive reviews on platforms such as Google Maps result in a higher ranking in the search results. Higher rankings mean better visibility and a higher likelihood of customers choosing your store.

Attract new customers

Happy Loop – Higher rankings result in more customers finding your store and wanting to try your great products. New customers, more revenues and great experiences!

Boost your digital presence

Ranking of your online shop and social media will also benefit from online reviews – the better your customer engagement and reviews, the higher your digital presence is ranked.

Use the momentum

Reviews are now an automated part of your checkout process – easy to complete for your customers and one less task for your cashiers.

Know your reviewer and follow up

With refive you know how each customer reviewed their experience and what they purchased – use this insight to thank customers for positive reviews or find out what went wrong for negative ones.

Review reminders

Things can be hectic in the store or you might want your customers to try a product before leaving a review. Use our campaign tools to ask for reviews at the right time.



Passenger Coffee, Berlin

“We get so many more positive Google reviews for our restaurants since we started using refive! The best part is that we don’t even have to ask for them!”


Passenger Coffee, Berlin

Get to know & delight your customers

Generate e-commerce level insights into in-store customer behaviour, increase engagement and customer retention via smart digital receipts