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Easily personalise your marketing communications and offers

Leverage refive’s customer insights and targeting capabilities to consistently personalise the content, offers and product recommendations your customers receive across channels. Improve their shopping experience, increase loyalty and maximise profitability.

How it works

Meet customers’ individual needs and preferences

refive connects purchase data (both online and offline) with customer interaction data to create detailed anonymous customer profiles.

Use these customer insights to contextualise your CRM campaigns and offers to each customer’s unique profile

Respond to individual needs and preferences by targeting and segmenting customers based on the following:

  • Location
  • Time
  • Behaviour (e.g. frequent buyers, new customers, etc.)
  • Purchase history (e.g. previously purchased items, basket size, etc.)
  • Interaction history (e.g. submitted feedback, clicked on offers, etc.)


Effective cross and upselling

Increase brand loyalty

Personalised experiences help customers feel understood and related to, helping you build stronger relationships and increasing brand loyalty.

Optimise offers for better profitability

Successful personalisation is profitable because it moves away from offering broad discounts. Instead, personalisation allows you to improve conversion rates on cross-selling and upselling product recommendations by ensuring their relevance to the customer. Personalised marketing can increase sales by 10% and deliver up to 8x the ROI on what you spend on marketing (source: McKinsey)

Why refive?

Show the most relevant recommendations and offers

Based on purchase history or basket insights

Leverage refive’s AI to show personalised product recommendations and dynamic offers on the digital receipt, in-store touchpoints and in email campaigns.

Delivered at the right time with automations

Use refive’s automations to engage customers about their experience post-purchase. Send an appealing offer or to re-engage them when they are at-risk of churn.

Get to know and delight your customers

Generate e-commerce level insights into in-store customer behaviour, increase engagement and customer retention via smart digital receipts