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Gain actionable customer insights

Connect every transaction to an individual for an unbiased way to understand customers based on what they purchase. Generate first party insights specific to your business and know when and what to offer your customers next!

Global omnichannel enterprises trust refive to understand their customers’ needs and preferences.

Segment of One

Develop rich customer profiles based on transaction and behavioural insights that help you understand each customer within the context of your business, going deeper than socio-demographics.

Maximize Customer Value

Understand the true revenue potential of each customer and discover opportunities to increase lifetime value with the right personalized proposition and messaging at the right time.

Understand Customer Health

Identify new, repeat and at-risk customers across all channels with integrated online and offline tracking. Understand churn risk and its drivers and take concrete steps to increase customer retention rates.

Before refive

Statement 01

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Statement 02

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After refive

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Statement 01

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How it works

Behavioural insights that deliver business value

Pricing & Discounts

Personalize discounts and pricing based on customer price sensitivities and product preferences to increase share of wallet.

Retargeting & Retention

Personalize communications and incentives to reduce churn and increase purchase frequencies.

Demand Forecasting & Planning

Improve understanding of store-level demand by aggregating behavioural data across all customers shopping there.

Why refive?

Powerful customer insights gathered seamlessly


Customer Friendly

Customers do not need to register, share vast amounts of personal socio-demographic data or provide double opt-ins. refive works in the background, protecting customer privacy while giving you the most granular insights you’ve ever seen.



Understand your customers using first-party data generated in your own stores. No need for data exchanges, social networks or third-party cookies.



Insights that you can use and made available to you where you can best use them. Whether raw metrics or concrete next-best-action recommendations, plug them directly into your existing systems and processes to make them smarter.

“With the refive integration, we are able to truly connect our customers’ offline to online journey and get a clear picture of their behaviour across all channels. This has enabled us to measure not only the offline impact of our online campaigns, but also the marketing ROI,  customer lifetime value and customer retention more clearly.”

Simon Kronseder, Shoepassion

Identify and delight your customers

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