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Real feedback from real customers

Have a finger on the pulse of your customers in real-time. Find out how they feel about your service and products across locations, basket sizes and seasons. Quick and effortless – directly at the POS.

How it works

Automatic feedback requests

In-store: when customers load the digital receipt in their browser, they see the invitation to rate their experience.
Post-purchase: send feedback requests via email or push notification – hours, days, even weeks after purchase.


of consumers view brands more positively if they proactively invite and accept customer feedback

Understand customer satisfaction

Get the full picture of your customers’ experiences across stores, times and employees. This high level of insight, gained from both historic and current performance, allows you to react and develop based on your customer feedback.

Target your feedback requests

Select which products and stores you want to collect feedback for and target your requests to the relevant purchases. Only want to know the feedback of customers who spent more than 50 € on shoes? You can do that now.

Pursue more insightful feedback

Follow up with customers to dive deeper into their thoughts and experiences. Understand what they loved or didn’t about the products they purchased, their shopping experience and more.

Convert feedback into positive reviews

Easily turn positive feedback into positive reviews. Invite your customers to publish feedback on your website or review platforms like Google Maps and Tripadvisor.


Fashion Store Owner, Dortmund

“Since we’ve grown past three stores, it’s been much harder to keep an eye on the quality of customer service and the experience of our customers in-store. Since we started using refive, we have a regular view into our customers’ satisfaction levels and can react quickly if the scores go down. We had feedback forms in the past, but no one ever used them. It’s much easier via the digital receipt!”


Fashion Store Owner, Dortmund

Get to know & delight your customers

Generate e-commerce level insights into in-store customer behaviour, increase engagement and customer retention via smart digital receipts