Feedback to make your business grow!

Have a finger on the pulse of your customers in real-time, across multiple locations. React quickly to problems and celebrate the wins!

Easily convert positive feedback into more reviews 

Keep customers happy, recognize problems early and fix them quickly!

Understand customer satisfaction across stores, times and employees

Real customers, real feedback, real time or any time!

Stop wasting time & money on mystery shoppers and diners, collect real feedback in real time from real customers after every transaction.

Want to know about their experience a few days later? Our automations will help you follow up easily with more detailed surveys - find out weeks later if those jeans fit!

Since we've grown past 3 stores, it's been much harder to keep an eye on the quality of customer service and the experience of our customers in store. Since we started using refive we have a regular view into our cusotmer's satisfaction levels and can react quickly if the scores go down. We had feedback forms in the past, but no one ever used them. It's much easier via the digital receipt!"

Fashion Store Owner - Dortmund