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In-store digital touchpoints for personalisation and engagement

Give every customer the unique and personalised shopping experience they deserve via frictionless digital touchpoints

digital touchpoints in-store

In-store digital touchpoints for effective data capture, engagement and retention

Each of our digital touchpoints serves a dual purpose of providing meaningful benefits to customers while collecting data and generating customer insights.


Collect customer data

Identify in-store customers and capture zero-party and first-party purchase, personal, behavioural and interaction data anonymously and frictionlessly. Combine captured in-store and online data to create granular customer profiles and derive actionable AI-powered insights and predictions into customer behaviour that power marketing and operational decisions.


Personalise interactions

Engage digitally with customers in-store and post-purchase using a range of interactions from digital receipts through wallet passes, Whatsapp and more. Give your customers that warm, personalised feeling with offers, product recommendations and useful information based on their omnichannel purchase and behavioural history.


Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Leverage the insights into your customers behaviour, needs and preferences to continuously improve and personalise your interactions and offers, further driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How it works

Elevate the customer experience without the overheads of apps, sensors or cameras

Physical stores are the space for customers to experience brands and products. The right in-store touchpoints can meet and exceed customer expectations with convenience and personalisation without incurring significant costs.

With refive you can leverage the customer’s smartphone for frictionless digital interaction in-store from entry to exit, before, during and after the purchase.

Smart Store Assistant

Start or continue building the customer relationship from the moment they step into the store.
A QR code (or NFC tag) as a digital touchpoint at the store entrance takes the customer to a digital interface of your store

Provide Wifi access

Provide a store map

Deliver personalised or general offers

Introduce store visitors to your digital offerings such as loyalty programs, custom app or digital services

Collect marketing opt-ins

Smart Product Assistant

Inspire your customers and help them make informed shopping decisions. A QR code (or NFC tag) as a digital touchpoint near/on the product takes the customer to a digital product page which enables customers’ independence and self-sufficiency through:

In-depth product information

Option to "request staff assistance"

Recommendations of similar and complementary products or services

Info on product availability in-store and online

Virtual try on

Product reviews

Option for NFT purchase

Digital Receipts

Make the last interaction in-store the doorway to ongoing engagement. A QR code (or NFC tag) as a digital touchpoint at the checkout delivers a smart receipt in the mobile browser:

Provide helpful information per item purchased

Recommend complementary and similar products

Convert customers to your digital offerings such as loyalty programs, custom app or digital services

Enable post-purchase engagement with digital receipt delivered to email, wallet pass or whats app

Why refive?

Impress customers at every touchpoint


refive’s digital touchpoints are convenient, unobtrusive and secure – customers choose when to interact and share data via their own device when ready.


Suited to both experience-focused and mission-focused shoppers, to those who want to have or want to avoid staff interaction


No cameras, sensors, big touch screens or expensive hardware necessary


refive integrates with many marketing and CRM tools and can connect to other company databases or software via API. See more about integrations here.


Capture zero-party and first-party data along with customers’ consent. Create anonymous profiles and put customers in control of their privacy.

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