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Offer NFTs to your retail customers via digital receipts

Increase customer engagement and loyalty with exclusive NFTs directly on your digital receipts. No app download or crypto wallets required.

Simple NFT integration

refive is a seamless and hassle-free solution for retailers seeking to leverage the advantages of NFTs without the need for starting from square one.

Use Cases

Drive retail customer engagement and loyalty with NFTs

Offer digital collectibles as unique loyalty rewards

Improve satisfaction with your loyalty program by giving your customers rewards they can trade, show off and use in more flexible ways.

Build a thriving community around your brand

Offer customers a new way to engage with and interact with your brand, accessible with NFTs. Enhance the sense of exclusivity and community.

Authenticate products

Give your customers the confidence of owning an authentic product with digital twin NFTs

Create a new income stream

Earn royalties from the resale of your products or sell NFTs as an addition to your product range while reinforcing your brand.

Unique benefits of NFTs

Transparency & Traceability

The entire transaction history and ownership chain of a digital asset can be recorded on the blockchain.

Security & Immutability

NFTs provide a secure and immutable way to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital assets.


NFTs can be traded and transferred among participants on the blockchain network, enabling fractional ownership, liquidity, and ease of transfer for the underlying asset.

Why refive

Easily create NFTs without technical overhead


Easily create NFTs without technical overhead


Distribute NFTs directly at the point of sale – online and offline


Engage with customers post-purchase via powerful CRM capabilities

Connect with your customers like never before

Get started with our innovative digital receipts platform to offer NFTs directly on your digital receipts, further enhancing the customer experience and driving engagement.