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Digital receipts on the rise: status quo in Germany

research on popularity of digital receipts in Germany

Consumers worldwide have expressed concern about the volume of paper receipts unnecessarily issued by retailers. With each paper receipt accounting for around 2.5g of carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle, spanning production to distribution from manufacturing facilities to warehouses and stores, the urgency for sustainable alternatives is palpable. France has already addressed this challenge through its […]

Digital Receipts: Benefits Beyond Compliance with French Anti-Waste Law

french anti-waste law france digital receipts

The French anti-waste law, passed in 2020, has set ambitious targets for reducing waste and increasing recycling. One of the key provisions of the law is a ban on automatic printing of paper receipts, which aims to reduce the significant amount of paper waste generated by retail transactions. This provision was originally scheduled to take […]

Receipts – A brief history from 7500 b.C. until today

What’s the only product in the world that is produced trillions of times a day only to transmit a tiny piece of information and then typically destroyed or filed away? You got it – the receipt! And while you would think that in the days of email, SMS and tweets the humble receipt, whose job […]