5 Reasons to Engage with In-store Customers at the Checkout

The store checkout is where a lot of customers experience their last interaction with your brand – for that visit or possibly forever. It may only last just a few moments but this instance of customer engagement can have a huge impact – either inspiring customers to come back soon or to search for an alternative provider.

1. Give customers a reason to come back

Customers are more likely to return if they know that they’ll be rewarded for doing so. While they’re at the checkout, it’s easy to share information about promotions and special offers that could help them save money on future purchases. You can also introduce and enroll them to your loyalty program and show them how many points/stamps they need before they can redeem some kind of reward or incentive.

2. Gather customer data

At the checkout, you can gather contact data so that you can continue engaging with shoppers post-purchase. Using this information appropriately can help make sure each transaction provides maximum value for both parties: you’ll gain access to valuable insights into your customers’ preferences, while they’ll get personalised and relevant offers based on their purchase history.

3. Collect feedback

You can find out how to improve your service and products by collecting feedback at the checkout: how was the shopping experience? Were the products easy to find? Do they have any questions about using their products?
Not only are you gaining insights for improvement but you are also showing customers that you care, that their input matters, that your brand is dedicated to continuously serving them better.
If customers were happy with their experience, you can even encourage them to leave an online review on platforms such as Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, etc. – these reviews can be a powerful tool in attracting new customers and helping you show up higher in search results.

4. More than just a sale – it’s a brand experience

The customer experience doesn’t end at the cashier – the checkout process itself is still part of the brand experience. A frictionless yet engaging checkout experience can help leave the customer “on a high note” and improve the overall brand perception.

5. Increase customer loyalty

Your customers are more likely to return and spend more when they have an emotional connection with your business. This can be a difficult thing to gauge, but in-store engagement allows you to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.

A tool for customer engagement at the POS

By now you are probably wondering how to better engage with customers without overwhelming your cashiers, slowing down the checkout process or spending a lot of money on hiring more staff, or coming across as pushy and overly-inquisitive to your customers… These are all valid concerns! This is where engaging digitally can be the solution: you let the software prompt and offer engagement opportunities while giving full control to customers on how much they engage.

One such technological solution is offered by us, refive – a customer engagement platform through the smart digital receipt (no email address, no app download and no special devices required). In our upcoming online session “Filling the Data Gap to Include In-Store Customers in Your Omni-Channel Strategy”, you will not only learn strategies for capturing in-store customers’ data, but also see how refive makes engagement easy.

To join the session on October 5, 11am London / 12noon Berlin, sign up here.

In-store engagement is where the rubber meets the road for many retailers. If done well, it can provide invaluable data that helps inform future marketing strategies and improve customer service.

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