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Transform Your Digital Receipts into Powerful Marketing Tools

here are many reasons why digital receipts are so valuable in today’s retail, and restaurant, industry. From being eco-friendlier to minimising the cost of things such as paper, there are some immediate benefits. That being said however, while many retailers are adapting to the new digital norm it’s likely that many aren’t maximising the potential […]

Enhancing the Retail Experience: The Power of Omnichannel Marketing

What sets the best brands apart from the rest? It’s not just about sticking to the same old playbook; it’s about embracing change and riding the waves of new trends. One such wave that has surged recently is Omnichannel Marketing. When the pandemic swept through, online shopping became the norm. Yet, contrary to predictions, people […]

How to Re-engage Inactive Customers in Retail

An inactive customer is ultimately a loss in revenue for any retail organisation. These are customers who were once interacting with a brand but, for some reason, just stopped. While many would assume that they were lost forever, by re-engaging these customers, a retailer can reap enormous financial benefits as a result. Returning customers are […]

The Rise of Digital Receipts for Sports Brands

With many sports brands moving towards the Direct-to-Consumer model from wholesale, the importance of building customer relationships has increased as well. One of the most efficient ways that sports brands can action this while ensuring that the benefit is felt across all departments and operations, is the implementation of digital receipts and smart data capture […]

How To Connect With Customers In Retail

connect with customer in retail

If you are in retail, you’ll know that for ongoing, sustained success it’s all about forging strong connections with your customers. There are many strategies and ways that this can be done, from collecting and understanding shoppers’ habits and preferences, to making sure that lines of communication are open for both sides of the relationship. […]

Digital Touchpoints In-Store Create More Personalised Shopping Experiences

Personalisation in retail is a way to always ensure excellent customer service and a great customer experience. Having the expertise in the company’s retail offerings, along with a deep and meaningful understanding of the customers that they engage with, allows retailers to predict and know exactly what the customer wants – sometimes before the customer […]

Mistakes Retailers Make When Offering Digital Receipts

The adoption of digital receipts in retail seems like a straightforward concept. Once the system and processes are installed and synched up to your in-store operations they should run like clockwork. There shouldn’t be too much input required and the data should be there ready for both retailer and customer when needed. However, despite the […]

7 Benefits of e receipts for Your Business

e receipt benefits for businesses

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly innovating to improve customer experience and streamline operations. One such innovation is the adoption of e receipts, also known as e-receipts, digital receipts or smart receipts, that has become a crucial tool in modern business transactions.  Gone are the days of paper clutter and manual filing systems; implementing […]

The Future of Enhancing Brand Narratives With In-Store Touchpoints

in-store touchpoints enhancing brand narratives

As the way that many people experience retail is changing from a transactional point of view to an experiential experience, the importance of brand narratives in marketing strategies is growing. Any retailer that wants to grow and connect with their customers and audience, needs to utilize brand narrative strategy to create that deeper connection that […]

3 Necessary Steps to Improve Customer Loyalty in Retail

improving customer loyalty through engagement

Any retailer knows that cultivating customer loyalty can provide many benefits and cost savings. From an enhanced brand reputation, to repeat business, potential savings when it comes to marketing costs and it can also increase your customer lifetime value. According to Forbes the probability of selling to a current customer is 60% to 70%. Achieving […]