BioBill and refive: Digital receipts for the organic sector

And once again we have gained a great new partner: the POS provider BioBill is now offering its customers refive digital receipts. This means that we are now also present in the organic sector and can support the reduction of waste and the improvement of customer loyalty in organic supermarkets, zero waste shops and health food shops.

We are particularly pleased to partner with BioBill because sustainability in the retail sector is close to our hearts and our digital receipts are an additional piece in the puzzle of the retailers’ comprehensive sustainability concepts. They avoid the use of harmful thermal paper and save resources such as wood, water and energy. Some zero waste shops such as 2GUT in Dresden and Freivon in Nuremberg already offer their customers our digital receipts so that not only packaging waste but also paper waste is avoided in their shops. In addition, other refive functions such as digital loyalty cards, discount offers, etc. can be used, which are personalised and sent to the customer via the digital receipt.

After the completed implementation phase with the BioBill team, we have no doubts about a good and promising partnership and are excited about new retail customers from the organic sector.

About BioBill

BioBill is a software by Bits & Bytes GmbH, the pioneer for the digitalisation of organic businesses. Bits & Bytes was founded in 1998 by Ronald Bremermann and is based in Berlin. By now, around 3000 companies in the organic sector are provided with their customised full-range offers such as cash register systems, merchandise management, delivery service and web shops. BioBill features intuitive handling and an uncomplicated connection to the company’s own BioOffice inventory control system.

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About refive

refive enables stationery retailers to identify, address and retain customers in-store using smart digital receipts. Retail operations, marketing and e-commerce teams use refive as a platform to collect instant feedback, provide personalized offers and connect offline transactional data to their digital ecosystem. This enables them to understand the omni-channel customer journey, increase customer loyalty and customer lifetime value. In addition, retailers can make a positive contribution to environmental protection and enable customers to have a digital payment experience.

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