Lightspeed and refive: Two digital pioneers start partnership for optimal payment transactions in the gastronomy industry

The traditionally cash heavy brick & mortar space in Germany went through a huge shift in 2020 as contactless and cashless payments became indispensable during the pandemic. Whether in the shop around the corner, the supermarket or the restaurant – offering contactless payments became the norm, making the checkout faster, more hygienic and uncomplicated.

The fact that even after paying contactless customers have to be handed a long paper receipt has long been a source of frustration and waste for merchants and customers alike. In order to solve this problem for a huge chunk of the food and beverage industry in Germany, we have come together with Lightspeed, a leading global point of sale provider in the sector at the end of 2020.

Lightspeed (formerly Gastrofix in Germany) is a pioneer in the field of cloud-based POS systems in the gastronomy industry and develops smart and intuitively usable solutions that can be individually adapted. Thanks to the collaboration with refive, restaurants that use Lightspeed can now also issue digital receipts to their guests via table-side QR Codes. Receipts only have to be printed out on paper if guests explicitly ask for it.

After a rapid integration and onboarding of early customers, we’re excited to announce that we are now live on the Lightspeed platform. sind.

Merchants using Lightspeed can get started with refive with just one click. Even better, now that the lockdowns in Germany are starting to ease and outdoor gastronomy is back on!

Return to Table Service

A unique aspect of our partnership is the possibility to create digital receipts directly at the table. While they are easily generated at the checkout during the payment process in retail, it is common in restaurants to hand over the receipt at the table. refive’s unique static QR code based approach takes this into account, so that together with Lightspeed we digitize the restaurant experience without changing usual processes.

Beyond Receipts

The benefits go beyond digital receipts though, refive’s built in loyalty solution also helps Lightspeed users reward loyal patrons and keep them coming back. Due to the closures during the lockdowns and lack of tourism, restaurants rely on local recurring customers like never before. That’s why we encourage every restaurant to take steps to build strong relationships with their customers. The refive loyalty tool is designed exactly for this purpose: it includes a feedback function for reviewing the customer’s satisfaction during the visit, digital loyalty cards, personalized discounts and offers as well as email notifications about news.

With the right features, restaurants can use data-driven insights to analyze the behavior of their customers and react accordingly.

A Proven Partnership

refive is already in use by numerous Lightspeed customers and we are looking forward to future successes with the POS system pioneer.

Our long-term cooperation aims to create an optimized payment and checkout process for guests and employees in restaurants, accelerate the demise of paper receipts and help businesses strengthen their customer relationships.

More information about our partnership with Lightspeed is available here:

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