What does a loyalty program need to be capable of these days?

Having hundreds of stamps, membership and loyalty cards in your wallet - who hasn’t experienced this at some point?

Having hundreds of stamps, membership and loyalty cards in your wallet – who hasn’t experienced this at some point? Some cards are already unreadable, others are simply not to be found. One piece of advice from us: You don’t actually have to do that to your customers or yourself! So what does a modern loyalty program look like that offers your customers what they really want (and thus also brings the greatest possible benefits to your company)? What does a loyalty program have to be able to do? These are the questions we asked ourselves when we first designed refive Rewards, and you’ll find the answers in this post. Here’s also a blogpost if you’d like to read about the good reasons for offering a loyalty program in the first place.

Personal Relevance

In addition to discounts and special offers, there are a number of other things that today’s consumers expect from a loyalty program. For example, a survey among restaurant visitorsfound that 49% of respondents only sign up for a loyalty program if it is personally relevant to them. This personalization plays a particularly important role in the interaction with customers nowadays. The 5th frying pan as a bonus will really not knock anyone off their feet in 2020! That’s why you can offer rewards from your business yourself at refive Rewards – this way customers get exactly what interests them.

Universally Applicable

Another important result of the Oracle study is that 73% of restaurant visitors find cross-company loyalty programs attractive (one good reason to get rid of the countless cards!). With refive Rewards, customers can therefore collect points exactly where they shop. Even if the shop or restaurant is not yet a refive Partner, you will also receive points there for scanning your receipt.

The Trend in 2020: Go Local

Local shopping is the new trend: even during the corona crisis, 63% of consumers continued to shop locally (IFH Cologne, 2020). In many cities, initiatives to support local shops were launched in no time and the hashtag #supportyourlocal was ubiquitous.

We have also taken these facts into account in the development of refive Rewards. Now, refive Rewards supports local shopping, and customers receive information about other refive partners and their rewards in your neighbourhood. This makes local shopping even easier! Your benefit: you can now be found by new local customers via refive.

What else should a loyalty program be able to do?

In addition to customers, entrepreneurs also have demands on a loyalty program. We have considered this factor in the development of refive Rewards. One of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs is the high cost and complicated set-up, which often requires additional hardware. With refive Rewards, you only pay for the points that customers collect. Registration and participation in the program are completely free of charge for you. In addition, refive Rewards can be easily integrated into any existing point of sales system – without additional hardware.

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