refive Introduces Digital In-Store Touchpoints for Data Capture and Engagement

At refive, we’re constantly looking for ways to help retailers build stronger connections with their customers. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our new in-store touchpoints. They make it easy to collect customer data and create personalised in-store experiences to drive loyalty and sales.

We started by creating smart digital receipts to enable retailers to effectively capture in-store customer data and engage customers. These receipts serve as a phygital touchpoint at the checkout and beyond.

Eventually, our retail customers who implemented digital receipts expressed a desire to understand and engage with their customers before the checkout. That led to the development of our new touchpoints. They allow for more comprehensive data capture and deeper relationship building throughout the entire in-store journey.

How our in-store touchpoints are elevating the customer experience

refive’s new touchpoints aren’t just beneficial for retailers – customers love them too.

The Smart Store Assistant

accessible via QR code (or NFC tag) located at the store entrance. It offers customers a digital interface of the physical store, making it easier to get:

  • wifi access
  • a store map
  • personalised or general offers
  • introduction to digital offerings such as loyalty programs, custom app or digital services
  • incentives for marketing opt-ins

The Store Assistant makes it possible to begin or evolve the brand-customer relationship from the moment people arrive at the store.

The Smart Product Assistant

is also accessible via QR code (or NFC tag) located near/on the product. It takes the customer to a digital product page that enables a self-service experience. Customers can:

  • access in-depth product information
  • request assistance from staff with the click of a button
  • see recommendations for similar or complementary products and services
  • find out product availability in-store and online
  • experience a virtual try-on
  • discover product reviews
  • buy product-related NFTs

“By enabling this type of independence and self-sufficiency in-store, we are bringing the convenience and flexibility of online shopping to the physical retail space. This results in customers fulfilling their own needs in their preferred way, and in greater satisfaction overall.”

– Mitul Jain, CEO and co-founder of refive

Changing customer needs and behaviours

Our in-store touchpoints have been designed to offer fulfilling interactions for both experience-oriented and mission-oriented shoppers.

For experience-oriented shoppers who enjoy browsing and discovering new products, the Product Assistant can provide support with product reviews and recommendations of similar and complementary products. For mission-oriented shoppers who want to get in and out of the store as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Smart Store Assistant enables easier navigation, while the Smart Product Assistant gives an instant overview of items’ availability.

The new touchpoints also cater to both needs for more or less interaction with store staff. A survey by IBM found that 70% of Gen Z shoppers prefer to find information on their own rather than ask a store associate. With the Smart Product Assistant open on their own devices, they instantly have more independence and information while shopping. Shoppers who want to be advised and guided by store staff have a convenient way of requesting that interaction.

Regardless of how customers engage with the digital touchpoints, each engagement captures zero- and first-party customer data and combines it with online data, creating a 360-degree view of customer behavior. With this complete picture, retailers can make more informed decisions about marketing, merchandising, and operations.

Frictionless and flexible in-store touchpoints

The Visitor Check-in and Smart Product Assistant require no customer effort, such as app downloads or registration, and no technical or operational overheads in-store. They are customer-friendly, unobtrusive and secure. The collected customer data is available in real time from the refive Customer Insights dashboard or through integrations to many marketing and CRM tools. It can even be delivered to other company databases or software via API. Finally, the touchpoints are GDPR-compliant, capturing customer data along with consent. refive creates anonymous profiles, putting customers in control of their privacy.

Meet refive at the Retail Technology Show or Shoptalk

We are looking forward to exhibiting at the Retail Technology Show in London on 26 and 27 of April. At our booth visitors can interact with all touchpoints and experience them first-hand, and see the live data capture in the refive Customer Insights dashboard. Our team will also be attending Shoptalk in Barcelona from 9 to 11 of May. Contact us if you would like to meet us in person or book an online demo.

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